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Village Hotels operates 31 hotels in the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1995, and is now owned by Denver-based private equity firm KSL Capital Partners.

Steve Bennett shared his experience, "What should have been the end of a wonderful 60th birthday party, turned into a nightmare. A group of very drunk travellers staying at the Village Hotel Coventry, ended up in a fist fight while we were having a night cap. We were told the bar was closing early for obvious reasons. During the night into the small hours, this rowdy selfish group continued with the mayhem running up and down corridors with no respect for others."


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Former Employee - Guest Service Coordinator says

"Poor management, employees are treated as disposable, HR turns a blind eye to issues and frequently favors the company."

Former Employee - Grill says

"10-close If you get hotel or lap pool... say goodbye to your paycheck the guy bartenders are creeps (be careful ladies) will find any reason to let people go"

Current Employee - Supervisor says

"Extended employment in the club can make one lose their sense of self. You must speak to everyone from 'script' as my manager called it. Forced to work holidays with little to no flexibility. Must perform back breaking labor while gossiping management looks down at you. Advice to new hires; if you ever have a problem don't think management will help you. They are extremely trigger happy; 22% turnover, probably all terminations. Instead of fix any problems they'd rather just fire everyone involved."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No room for growth. If you are liked, job is easy. If you aren't liked, they will look to get rid of you."

Current Employee - Youth Counselor says

"No room for growth, management is set in their ways."

Former Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"Managers would send agents home at any time to keep payroll low. I would want to work my entire shift, but could never count on a stable paycheck."

Former Employee - Youth Attendant says

"Not too much room for growth. I had applied for a manager position and was not even given the opportunity to interview before they chose someone outside of the company for the position. It would've been nice to interview everyone and then make a decision to at least give people a chance. You can bring things to managers attention but nothing will be done about it. Members sometimes also forget the employees are human beings and start treating them with disrespect. If a member complains about you chances are your managers will not have your back at all."

Former Employee - Pool Attendant says

"Not much of an exciting job No benefits unless you're a FT worker"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor management which poses serious issues to the sfaff"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The Fitness club pays its commission only personal trainerr employees a hourly converted rate when they take vacations rather than a percentage of their yearly earned commissions. This is not legal according to the federal business law., as I understand it.The Houstonian could possibly owe millions of dollars in back pay to these workers."

Loss Prevention Officer (Former Employee) says

"We used to walk around and hit our checkpoints, but when new management took over, there was no structure at all. The members there are protected by the upper management. If the member says something bad about the loss prevention officer (which was just following procedure) they get reprimanded and written up because they trust the members more than their own employees.good co structure, not fair to employees."

Member Services Agent (Current Employee) says

"As a student most departments really work around your school schedule. It is a place where you can truly network and learn. There are some good benefits such as working out at the Club."

Maintenance Engineer/Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work was up beat cause you was always moving in different departments the co-workers where good people! the hardest part of the job! was when you could not finish the job! the most enjoyable part of the joy! was when we had job outing we would have alot of fun luncheshealthcare"

Front Desk Agent (Former Employee) says

"Day can start at 4 am. High turnover rate. They say they promote internally but don't. Extensive interview process. Some members are very generous. There is a lot of "swinging" among members. Far parking for staff.$1 full lunch, hotel & spa discount, meet wealthy Houston residents.Work weekends, rude entitled members, fake/back stabbing management."

John Pavich says

"I am a Canadian who recently ( last march) booked a hotel in tofino on Vancouver Island. I live in vancouver . Luckily I only booked 3 nights in a hotel which advertised at $128 per night , I asked the agent is this all I pay $128 per night he said yes. I printed my itinerary and had a nice time in tofino . When I got my credit card bill I was charged in American funds and also was charged a hotel tax of approx $50 my total was $202.00 per night why are they charging me American funds when I am in canada buying a Canadian hotel stay . I gave not contacted them about this yet but do not hold any hope in fitting a refund . Do not use hotels .com they are crooks and this is my experience."

Paul Garris says

"Customer service - not - translator machine to sound more american do not work tried to cancel 1 night of a 2 nite stay and they wouldn't do it Don't use them they are a rip off"

Chloe says

"Hotel club website booked out accomodation at the wrong hotel, had to pay the price of two hotels they failed to contact back about complaint and after 3 months all they have to say is it's my fault and that they are training people! Seriously for a global company it is disgusting and a joke, I am a gold member with the company and they treated me rudely! I now take my booking to the website is much better and friendlier staff!"

Elena Montero says

"I booked a hotel in their website, the hotel location and pictures were misleading the hotel wasn't anything like the pictures, tried to get a refund and the company rejected it. Really disappointed with the website."

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